Who Are the Mortgage Marketing Animals?

Whether you’re new to the mortgage industry or you’ve been around for years, chances are pretty good you’ve heard of Carl White and the Mortgage Marketing Animals. But how exactly do we help people to live better lives?

At the Mortgage Marketing Animals (MMA), we coach and mentor Loan Officers, Mortgage Brokers, and Branch Managers. Our team shows mortgage professionals how to grow and scale their businesses. And most importantly, how to have the best work and life balance possible, so they can spend more time with their loved ones.

The Mortgage Marketing Animals Coaching Program

We believe our team wins when you hit your goals. Want to ramp up sales or find high-quality referral partners? Maybe you’re looking to build a team to help you spend more time selling and less time doing the back office work that steals your focus.

Your partners at MMA will reveal the secrets of top-producing mortgage pros. During their decades in the business, our team of master mortgage coaches has developed proven strategies and actionable processes to close more loans every month.

And we don’t guess at what works – we use analytics and real-life data based on the ROIs of mortgage lenders in all 50 states. Our team takes what’s working for the highest performing branches around the nation and shares that info with our mastermind group.

You’ll get insider access to the systems, processes, software, and tools that are working in the mortgage industry today, not last month or the previous year, and be able to apply them quickly and easily to your own business.

The Experts Behind MMA

Our mortgage mentoring program was started back in 2008 by Carl White and Tammy Schneider, who are both proud to say they’ve helped thousands of Loan Officers achieve freedom in their personal and professional lives.

Carl has won multiple National Production and Marketing awards as a Branch Manager, and his branch’s team of over 60 LOs closes more than 700 loans a month. He’s also the host of Loan Officer Freedom, the #1 podcast for mortgage pros in the world.

The Type of Loan Officers We Help

Are you struggling to find leads, boost traffic, and increase sales? Or are you overwhelmed, overworked, and suffering from burnout? Whether you’re too busy or not busy enough, the MMA team is here to help!

If you’re newer to the industry or having trouble closing more than 4 loans a month, our mortgage coaching program will show you how to create a better business structure, find money-making referral partners, and focus on lead-producing activities.

You’ll learn how to ramp up your business by building and maintaining strategic relationships. We’ll show you how to laser-target your digital campaigns and convert more leads with effective in-person marketing.

Or maybe you’re dealing with the problem of having too much business. Sounds like a good one to have, but not when you’re getting bogged down by everything that isn’t actually selling. If you’re too busy to sell more, you’ll never unlock the financial freedom you crave.

Our team will show you how to identify time-wasting activities you should be automating or delegating, so you can put your energy into the money-making activities you need to focus on to get off the Loan Officer Roller Coaster and thrive!

After joining the Mortgage Marketing Animals, you’ll find yourself making the big money you want, without spending crazy hours in the office – and being able to spend that time making memories with your loved ones.

How We Support Our Members

When you join the Mortgage Marketing Animals family, you get so much more than you might think…

  • Tips and tricks from the mortgage marketing experts
  • Live “Members Only” tutorials to help you thrive in today’s market!
  • Online and offline strategies to help you capture and convert leads
  • Over 200 step-by-step classes and full access to scripts and checklists
  • Private Facebook group access for peer brainstorming
  • Customizable group coaching sessions each and every week
  • Live support from our friendly team by phone, text, or email

What We Believe at the Mortgage Marketing Animals

We believe it’s time to change a misinformed mindset in the mortgage industry – you shouldn’t have to be in charge of sales and fulfillment as a Loan Officer. We believe it’s okay to ask for help when you really need it and to leverage the time and talent of others to grow your business.

We believe that rates don’t dictate success and that the pie can always be bigger. We believe in learning from others and in using proven processes to make sure our members aren’t just surviving, but thriving in today’s market.

Most of all, we believe in having the freedom to spend time with your family, while actually making more money than ever before. You don’t have to work 12 hours a day, 7 days a week to be successful.

And we’re here to share all of our best life-changing success strategies with you. Are you ready to become a Mortgage Marketing Animal?