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Mortgage Marketing Animals

For Loan Officers Looking For More Referral Partners

If You’re Closing Less Than 6-10 Loans Per Month, And Looking To UP Your Game Plan, Join Us Today And Get Instant Access To:

  • Live weekly “Member’s Only” classes designed to help you not only survive but thrive in today’s market!
  • A full library of over 200 classes with step by step instructions that give you a jump-start on your competition (scripts, strategies, mindset, best practices, checklists, processes, etc.).
  • A great balance of online strategies and offline strategies to help you capture more of your market.
  • Getting Started boot-camp that helps you customize your experience and lets you know what to work on first.
  • Weekly group coaching for additional support between your monthly group coaching call.
  • One monthly group coaching call so you can chat with the team and visit with your peers.
  • One Golden Ticket to attend a Live Event for FREE! Learn in one weekend what would normally take about six weeks!
  • Private Facebook group where you can interact with other members, ask questions and share best practices.
  • Phone, Text, Email & Live Chat support, Monday through Friday, 9am-5pm Eastern Time.

The Freedom Club

For Loan Officers Looking To Grow Their Company

If You’re Looking To Grow Your Business, And Closing At Least 6-10 Loans Per Month, Then You Need The Freedom Club In Your Life! Everything With Mortgage Marketing Animals Is Included, Plus:

  • Private, customized one-on-one coaching calls every other week to hold you accountable and help you get results!
  • Private Facebook group for members only (where you can interact with other members, ask questions and share best practices, etc.).
  • A weekly “Member’s Only” class dedicated just to Social Media Marketing that you or your marketing person can attend FOR FREE!
  • FREE attendance to all 2-Day “Getting Started” Events for you and $197 for your Loan Officers – free up your time and let us train your LOs for you!
  • FREE attendance to all “Members Only” Mastermind Meetings 3-4 times per year. Many say this is one of the most valuable parts of the membership. Rub shoulders with some of the top minds in the country.
  • Prep classes for the Branch Academy (this is a 6-month program offered twice a year for Branch Managers and Owners which helps you run a profitable branch and team).
  • Open access to some of the top coaches in the country who specialize in mindset, hiring, scripting, systems, processes, finance, work/life balance, building referral partners and more!

Mortgage Marketing Animals’ Founders

Carl White

Carl White has won over 18 National Production and Marketing awards as a current mortgage branch manager…


Tammy Schneider

In 2008, Tammy Schneider transitioned from Loan Officer to Mentor/Mortgage Coach with the Mortgage Marketing Animals…


Jen Conley

This group is so amazing. It is truly the best of the best. I go to events and get to hang out with them and catch up with them and see what they're doing and their lives but not only just their business, but we get invested in their personal lives.

David Krichmar

Seeing my business evolve has been my favorite part of being part of the Freedom Club. Is incorporating things that they suggest, I incorporate them, they work, and then I grow. I see that I can have time away from the office. I'm not attached to that desk waiting for the next problem to come up, or the next phone call.

Linda Shinpaugh

The number one thing that I've learned from the Freedom Club, that's critical to my success, is that I don't need to go this alone. There are lots and lots of people out there, who are going through the same thing that I'm going through. And that if I will just raise my hand and ask the questions, somebody is there to help.

Kellie Rodenbeck

I joined the Freedom Club mostly for the relationships and the comradery. People wanting to help me. I've been in the business 23 years and just the very basic concepts of helping each other and figuring out what works. It's been awesome.

Zachary Kraus

The number one thing that I have learned so far in the Freedom Club that's going to contribute to my success, is to be a pupil and follow the coaching. And I first met Carl White a couple years ago at a mastermind and it's forever changed the way I do business and I've been following it.
So, I love it.

Aaron Redfearn

The culture is changing lives. We literally see people come in with the epidemic in the mortgage industry... Which is work 24/7, seven days a week, no life, have money but have no freedom, no health, no fun. So, it's been fun to watch and help people transform their lives to really see them do more loans and make more money and have freedom and time.

Richard Smith

I have a whole new definition for what a ‘world class event’ really is… The difference between the Animals event and every other I have ever experienced is summarized in two words: Life changing. The strategies I learned and the relationships I formed have played a huge role in the massive increase in my business and the quality of my life. Don’t miss this!

Brianna Lindley

My favorite part about being in the Freedom Club is definitely the members, honestly, getting to network with really awesome people who are maybe a few steps ahead of where I am and get to see kind of the path that I need to go on.

Ivan Acosta

I attended the 3-day event in Dunedin, and when I came back home... Here is what happened: From January to May, I only had 8 transactions total; from June to December, I had 52 transactions, which 85% of them were purchase transactions. The previous year I had only closed a total of 30 transactions with more than half of them being refinances.

Heath Goodrich

Three years ago, I didn't have a plan to grow my business! Since I joined this group it has changed my life forever. It has shown me a new way to run my mortgage business and I now have almost tripled my production. I have a plan and systems in place now that allow me to continue to grow all while working less than 40 hours a week. I want to thank Carl and all the coaches for what they have taught me.
I will forever be grateful!!

John Hinks, Jr

I had no idea how much my career would change for the better after walking into the First Day of the 3-day Event with Mortgage Marketing Animals. I was even more clueless how much my life would change. Thank you to these wonderful people who inspire and change lives.

Eddie Fooshang

Attending the mortgage marketing animals event has transformed my business to a level I never thought possible. I went from averaging 5 purchase contracts a month to averaging 17 contracts a month, and the best part while working less hours and traveling with my family. I highly recommend it to every loan officer.

Questions & Answers

HOW DO I … ?

How do I meet up with Carl White?
Our LIVE events are the best way to meet Carl and chat in person. We meet all over the country several times per year! 

How do I plug in on the go?
Rated #1 podcast for Loan Officers in the world, our library will keep you up to date on what top Loan Officers are doing in today’s market to help GROW their business.

How do I get access to On Demand content from Carl?
These article cover insight and inspiration straight from the desk of
Carl White.

How do I grow my business?
The best way to get started with implementing strategies that work is to schedule your FREE strategy call today! We will speak with you to see where you’re at in your business and how we can best help you reach your goals.