Who Are The
Mortgage Marketing Animals?

Whether you’re new to the mortgage industry or you’ve been around for years, chances are pretty good you’ve heard of Carl White & the Mortgage Marketing Animals. But how exactly do we help people to live better lives?

Carl White

Carl has won multiple National Production and Marketing awards as a Branch Manager, and his branch’s team of over 60 LOs closes more than 700 loans a month. He’s also the host of Loan Officer Freedom, the #1 podcast for mortgage pros in the world.

Steve Kyles

Steve is the host and founder of the energetic and value-packed Loan Officer Leadership Podcast, one of the top podcasts for Loan Officers across the nation. Steve is passionate about coaching other loan officers as he shares tools that help them succeed in their business.

Chris Johnstone

Chris has been helping Loan Officers successfully leverage technology into closed loans for over a decade. He has helped generate 11,347 (and counting) 5-star review for clients and ranked on the front page of Google in over 70% of the top markets in the U.S. most recently he has launched The A.I. powered LO CRM and is the first in the industry to use A.I. To convert deals from LO's databases, new referral partners and searches on Chat GPT.

What Makes Us Different?

Our Proven Plan

Daily Success Plan (DSP) A step-by-step customized clear action plan that is measurable & replicable.

Our Philosophy

We believe you can live a more fun, less stressful, high quality lifestyle that is fueled by running a great mortgage business and we believe you can achieve this within a 32-hour work week.

Our Community

We lead by inspiration, we have a huge supportive community, and we hold one another accountable.

The Mortgage Marketing Animals Coaching Program

We believe our team wins when you hit your goals. Want to ramp up sales or find high-quality referral partners? Maybe you’re looking to build a team to help you spend more time selling and less time doing the back office work that steals your focus.

We Coach & Mentor Loan Officers

At the Mortgage Marketing Animals, we coach and mentor Loan Officers, Mortgage Brokers, and Branch Managers. Our team shows mortgage professionals how to grow and scale their businesses. And most importantly, how to have the best work and life balance possible, so they can spend more time with their loved ones.

Proven Strategies & Actionable Processes

Your partners at Mortgage Marketing Animals will reveal the secrets of top-producing mortgage pros. During their decades in the business, our team of master mortgage coaches has developed proven strategies and actionable processes to close more loans every month.

Get Insider Access

You’ll get insider access to the systems, processes, software, and tools that are working in the mortgage industry today, not last month or the previous year, and be able to apply them quickly and easily to your own business.

why choose mortgage marketing animals

Our coaching programs are made up of a community of positive, like-minded mortgage professionals who are a fit for the mission of Freedom. Memberships are limited to a certain number of loan officers, so when you’re a part of the program, we believe in you, and we know you believe in us.

The coaches and mentors in both Mortgage Marketing Animals and Freedom Club view accountability as one of the most important factors in helping you succeed. But, we do it with a respectful approach. No need for shaming here.

By being part of the program, we offer private Facebook groups, interactive weekly trainings with other members, and discounts on all events. You become part of a family and inspire one another.

Our support team, mentors, coaches, and top mortgage professionals have been doing this for over <a combined 100+> years and know the proven ways to help loan officers succeed. We’ve got your back.

Because we know that your dedication and commitment to the program is hard earned, we recognize our active and engaged members with a spotlight and gifts.

When you invest in your business, we call that writing small checks to cash big checks. Growing in your business with consistent daily activities and better decision making will last for years to come.

When you sign up for Mortgage Marketing Animals or Freedom Club, you immediately become part of a community that welcomes and inspires. All this through private member-only Facebook groups, interactive training sessions throughout the week, and live events held in Clearwater, Florida.

The resources our program provides are unmatched. Not only does this allow you to choose your acceleration level, but it gives you the opportunity to grow your business with structure and processes with a solid Daily Success Plan. You’ll learn designed conversation on how to reach out to qualified realtor partners to get the most value from referred leads. 

Carl White, Tammy Schneider, and Steve Kyles are known for their real, down to earth personalities, and the fact that they truly care about your success. They deliver the coaching and guidance in a clear and respectful way, while also being sure to stress the importance of accountability.

Our members support one another and share WINS to help overcome struggles that they find in today’s market. Learning from one another and doing what works makes moving the needle obtainable if you just follow the plan. You’ve got this!