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Give this to your favorite Real Estate Agent

Give this to your favorite Real Estate Agents, they will love you for it.

Some years ago somebody passed a list to me and now I’m passing it on to you.

It’s a list of over 180 things that real estate agents do for their clients.

The idea behind it is, you will be giving real estate agents a list that they can share with their clients on all the things they do to help and protect their clients with the selling and / or buying of their home.

The idea is to set themselves apart from the “discount” or on-line services.

This complete list includes:

  • 20 “Pre-Listing” Activities 
  • 13 Listing Appointment activities
  • 26 Marketing activities
  • 43 “Under Contract” activities

… and 82 other activities to help their clients have the competitive advantage.

Grab This List and share with your favorite real estate agents to show them that you got their back, just like I got yours.

No charge, just another random act of coolness, because that’s the way I roll around here. ☺

Just click here and tell me where to send the list, and I’ll email and text it to you (in case it goes into email purgatory…).  I just want to make sure you have this to hand out, post, or do videos on.
(my email sender wouldn’t just let me attach it as this is going out to a group of you, so you have to tell me where to send it)