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Loan Officer Back To The Future… a little weird…

Ok, I know this may be a little “weird” or “deep” for an early morning, and with this being Christmas Eve, but follow me here for a minute.

The FUTURE me from last month is the LIVE me TODAY…

Once I realized NOW me…is really just FUTURE me from last month…I was able to get to work on making things easier for FUTURE me TODAY.

Did you follow that…

The life you have on this very day is based on what you did last month, last quarter, or last year.

Something to ask yourself is “What results would I like to have in 90 days?” as a way to proactively think about things FUTURE me would love to wake up and have as a NOW – even if it’s weeks away… or even months away, so you can take action NOW to set it up.

And when presented with something you may not be able to afford today…to ask (on behalf of FUTURE me) “If not NOW…when, and what do you need to do over the next 90 days to be able to afford that “thing” (new car or home, vacation, large amount of money saved)?”, so the future you in a few months from now, will wake up to that “awesomeness”, which will be you “LIVE” then. 

Once you understand this… It’s a game changer.

Join Us On A Private Zoom Call to map out your next 90 days so we can give your 90 day “Future” you (which will be the LIVE you much sooner than you think) a truly epic experience…

Closing Even More Loans in today’s market, Without Working Evenings Or Weekends.

This is the same plan that our top producers’ mastermind group follow with epic success.

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Right now is the perfect time to schedule and get to the front of the line before all the other LOs get out of their lounge chairs and start to take action a few weeks from now.

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