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Busy VS Productive (my secret sauce…)

How do you work in your mortgage business? Are you a “busy” person? Or a “productive” person?

Busy people try to accomplish as many things as possible in the 8 hour work day. 

Productive people prioritize their major tasks, and accomplish those in order of importance so that their day’s worth of work is maxed to its full potential.

Busy people say yes to every task they have a chance to take. 

Productive people know how to differentiate between urgent tasks and important tasks. They focus on getting what matters done instead of dividing their hours into trying to finish different urgent tasks.

Busy people multitask. 

Productive people focus. 

Busy people put all of their effort towards accomplishing as many tasks as possible in the shortest time possible, and often find themselves in the middle of 2 or 3 ongoing assignments at one time, which interferes with the quality of their end result. 

Productive people place their focus on doing the tasks that matter the most as efficiently as possible.

Productive people multitask, but in a way that’s beneficial to themselves and their time constraints. For example, a productive person jots down notes on an upcoming project while waiting for their coffee, or in their free time before a meeting starts.

Sometimes it’s hard to stay productive, and to not fall into that trap of “getting busy”, especially when life and work get in the way. 

It takes some real, genuine effort to maintain that habit of being productive- but when you establish that habit, you’ll find that you accomplish more in your day, and the balancing of your work life will become that much easier.

I want you to actively try to be productive this week. 

Even if you have to start small by focusing on implementing just one of the above habits, I still want you to start. 

Great things start somewhere, and they always start small.

I know you can make this change, and I know you will excel in it, and I want you to know that you have my full support and enthusiasm in this endeavor.

Thank you for taking time out of your busy day to read this, I hope it helps you realize and utilize your full potential.



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