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How to Create Time Freedom In Your Loan Business

Loan officers as a group are good people. The best of us have a real heart to serve. But how do we find the time to help our clients, hang out with our family and friends, and get the rest and relaxation we need to be at our best?

Do we have to choose between being tied to our desk all the time and having a life? Or is it possible to balance it all?

The Best Career Ever… But With a Catch?

Being a loan officer really is the best career in the world. The amount of money you can make, especially as a branch manager, is limitless. We’re talking millions of dollars a year. It’s an amazing business.

But there’s definitely a catch. I know loan officers working 7 days a week, 16 hours a day, because everybody needs something all the time. They feel like they can never take time off, or they’ll miss big opportunities, but these crazy loan officer hours are killing them. 

I get it, believe me. You want to be there for your realtors and serve your clients in a meaningful way. When someone finds a house, they’re excited and anxious, and there’s a key moment where people make an offer and they need us. So we feel like we have to be available to them for support at night and on weekends.

My friend, Jerry Williams, was one of those loan officers who was having a hard time being present at home with his family when other people needed him. So he created a pretty incredible solution.

A Simple System that Gives You Freedom

Jerry created a simple system called Steadkey that allows realtors to generate letters whenever they need one. It also allows the buyer to find out what their payment will be and how much cash they need to close. You can build custom parameters for each client quickly and easily.

Before Jerry came up with this software, he was working all week, then in the evenings and on weekends. That’s when realtors show houses, so he needed to be available to get them the pre-approval letters they needed. After he figured out this system, he’s been able to serve his clients and realtors at a higher level and be a better husband and dad. 

Jerry told his realtors to send him their people before they go out looking, so he could get them approved. Once that’s done, he can go back in and build a box for that client. Then the borrower and realtor can log in, see the information they need with pinpoint accuracy, plug in numbers, and make sure it meets the parameters. If the client doesn’t meet the requirements, it won’t let the realtor generate a letter. It also won’t give the client an estimate. 

Whenever a realtor generates a letter, the loan officer gets a notice. That’s a great feeling, Jerry says. You’re at the movies with your kids, and things are happening without you. Someone just made an offer on a house, and you don’t have to do a thing except supersize your popcorn. 

Simple Really Is Best

The system is really simple to use. It’s intuitive and doesn’t require much coaching. I figured it out immediately, and my realtors and buyers rarely have a problem with it. It’s straightforward and super easy.

You’ve got someone’s information, you’ve run their numbers, you’ve got their docs in, you’ve seen their income, you know where they’re at, and you’ve pre-approved them. It takes the loan officer about 30 seconds to plug all this information into the software. Then you send an invitation to the realtor and to the buyer. You give the login and password information to the realtor. The realtor generates a letter, downloads it, and attaches it to the document when they send it over.

I’ve seen other versions of what Jerry has come up with, and they were so complicated. There were a hundred buttons, and I couldn’t figure out how to add and subtract my numbers. People want something simple, and they want an answer now. Most of the software on the market is overdeveloped, with too many unnecessary options. If it’s not simple, your realtors won’t use it.

It reminds me of Steve Jobs and Apple. Steve Jobs was a freak about keeping everything simple on the iPad. Other competitors went belly-up because there were too many buttons on their devices.

Keep it simple simple simple. 

How to Get It Set Up

I’m not part of an affiliate program with Steadkey. I’m a paying customer, and I talk it up, because I genuinely love it. It’s helped me and the loan officers in my branch, and I know it can help you too. It’s amazing. 

It just takes a few minutes to get your account set up. Click HERE to get started. You’ve got to put in some specific information about yourself and your bank. They’ll ask for your NMLS number, your branch’s number, and so forth. You upload a logo, put in your exact language for your approval letter, and decide what information you want shown on the letter. Save it. And that’s it. It literally takes a few minutes, and it’s so easy to integrate into your business.

This simple, but life-changing, software will give you your evenings and weekends back all while helping you serve your clients even better. It’s really a win win.
Once you’ve signed up for Steadkey, click HERE for a free strategy call, and we’ll show you how to massively, epically increase your loan officer income all while keeping your weekends free. Who wouldn’t want to get in on that?