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The Marketing Blueprint for Loan Officers

As a loan officer, you want to get your business to a point where you have systems for growth. Today I want to tell you about a Marketing Blueprint that will help you continue that 

upward trend. This blueprint will ensure that you always have enough leads, always have enough applications, so you can stay focused on your daily activities.

My friend Chris Johnstone does digital marketing exclusively for mortgage professionals. We’re working together to help loan officers around the country find greater success and freedom. And today we’re going to share some of our best mortgage marketing strategies for loan officers with you and invite you to something really special.

Marketing to Your Past Customers

Chris has found that most loan officers are going after cold traffic. They’ve Googled “how to get home loan leads” and they’re buying leads or running ads on Facebook and Instagram. These leads are low quality, and the conversions are really bad. It sucks up all kinds of time, and yet everyone is focused on that. Meanwhile, there is this low hanging fruit that exists in every single mortgage business that most people are ignoring: your past customers.

When’s the last time you picked up the phone and called your past database? We all know that’s the activity that’s going to bring in the easiest loans, the best credit profiles, the easiest to close deals, but few of us are actually doing it. 

We’ve discovered that, by taking your past customers and putting them into a specific audience on Facebook and Instagram and showing ads to just those people, we’re getting a lot of referrals. We write the ad in a very cool, scripted way, and we’ve got all these people tagging their friends and colleagues in the comments. They’re even screenshotting our ads in their newsfeed and sharing it in their private Facebook groups:

  • local buy and sell group
  • local church group
  • local moms group
  • local motorcycle group

We’ve got one member who spent $225 on Facebook and Instagram ads and closed over $100k in commissions from referrals he got from his past clients on Facebook. You can’t pull those types of numbers from cold traffic. It’s just not possible. 

We’ll walk you through a process of how to effectively launch your marketing campaign, starting with the lowest hanging fruit. You launch a campaign inside the membership to go get five star ratings and reviews from your past customers. Why? Well, when somebody in your local marketplace pulls out their smartphone and types in “loan officer,” you’ll be on the map with your five-star ratings and reviews. This is THE best answer to “how to close more loans.”

Marketing to Your Referral Partners

Next you market to your referral partners. We have an offer we call The Irresistible Offer where we help you make yourself a celebrity in your local marketplace. You set a budget at $5 a day, target a list of realtors you want to work with, and show them testimonials from your happy past customers. We have templates for deal scenarios you can post so that you become more attractive to the realtor. 

And then we have a call to action: 

“Attention, local realtors, I’m a local loan officer that can provide you with pre-approved buyers. And if you’re interested in growing your real estate business, click this link, and book a quick 15 minute call. Let’s see if we’re a good fit to work together.” 

You get that person on the phone, and that’s where The Irresistible Offer comes in. You use the script and get the realtor to agree to send you their old leads for free. Then you call those people: “Hey, you’re looking to buy a home. XYZ realtor asked me to reach out. I can let you know how much you qualify for and what your payment will be. If you’re interested, call me at this number, and we’ll get you pre-qualified.” You do this, hand them back to the realtor, and you’ve opened up this new relationship with very little effort.

Why You Need a Guide

All people of greatness have coaches, right? I actually prefer the word “guide.” We have people who guide us through success. I have two guides myself. Once I hit a certain level, it’s like, “What do I do next?” I don’t need someone to yell and scream at me. That’s not my style, and I don’t respond well to it. I want somebody to guide me out of love and respect, hold me accountable to what I need to do. I want someone to show me how to follow a proven plan and teach me how to set up my new goals. I don’t even call them goals anymore; I call them dreams. Goals are realistic; dreams take you beyond anything you could have imagined.

A guide is someone who’s been down that road before and they’re helping you overcome those obstacles. We all know what to do, right? We just need a nudge to move those obstacles out of our way. 

Procrastination is the thief of time. Hiring a guide can be the catalyst to really making the change you need to make in your life and business. If you can eliminate the time between when you hear a great idea and when you take action, you’ll knock it out of the park. We’re looking for people who are already going to be successful in their loan officer career. We’ll just help you make it happen faster, easier, and with less headaches. 

Our Brand New Membership Opportunity

This is the part where I give you a sales pitch for our new program, Mortgage Marketing Animals Connected. I’m not one bit worried about sounding salesy here, because this program is phenomenal and will be one of the best things you’ve ever done. 

You just click here, submit your payment, and the first thing that happens is a kickstart coaching call. We’ll ask you where your business is at right now and what things are holding you back from success. Then we’ll map out a specific plan to get you over those hurdles. This is not a cookie cutter thing. Each loan officer is an individual, and we’ll take what you’re already doing and that forward momentum you already have, and help you increase it exponentially using your own natural talents. Your success plan will be totally customized to fit you.

You’ll be supported with daily training Zoom calls (Monday through Thursday at 8:30am) with a group of other top producers where you’re going to learn some mind-blowing stuff. Trust me, when you first get started, it will be like trying to drink from a fire hose. You’ll be learning brand new tools, strategies, loan officer marketing scripts. All the trainings are archived, so you’ll have access to this massive library of knowledge. We’ll give you marketing templates, ad campaigns (for Google, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram), mortgage and real estate leads, The Irresistible Offer scripts. We have all these unique ways to make you THE loan officer in your market. 

Of course you’ll have questions as you go. You can ask people in the group, and we also have a support hotline where you can call and talk to a coach. Oftentimes, they’ll put you in touch with someone in the group who has already solved your particular problem. They’ll tag you in a comment on Facebook, and everyone can watch that conversation and benefit from it. There is nothing that you’re thinking about doing that somebody in the group isn’t already doing successfully. And they’ll show you exactly how to do it because somebody took the time to help them. Just being inside that Facebook group is worth more than the price of the entire program.

Get Started TODAY

We’ve got a 30-day, 100% satisfaction guarantee, so there’s literally NO reason not to invest in this right now. You’ll have full access to the membership, and you’re fully protected for 30 days. If you’re not happy at the end of the trial period, every penny of your money is refunded.

You are worthy of greatness. We wish you love and freedom and want you to have a successful career as a loan officer. Write small checks, cash big checks. No more procrastination. Take action TODAY. We’ll see you on the INSIDE.