Friday Recap July 8, 2022

Office Hours – Weekly on Mondays
Don’t worry, you didn’t miss a beat this week! There was no class this week due to the observed holiday. Be sure to register for July 11th!

Brunch & Learn – Tues, July 5th
This week, the gang and I discussed:

  • Paying general base salary with random bonus VS paying BIP’s or per file
  • Benefits of setting expectations along with keeping updated (Tuesday Just Ask)
  • How to handle a delay or problem causing the closing to be delayed
  • Marry the house and date the rate
  • Mapping out how to make a million (team in place – # of referral partners – # of loans)

Homework assigned:

  • Finish the phrase: If I could _____ Would you _____?

Rollin’ With The Dolans – Monthly on Tuesdays
Learn how to trick out your CRM with the Dolans! You can have your team sit in on this class if they’re managing your database for you! Next class is on July 19th!

Social Media Happy Hour – Wed, July 6th
On this week’s Social Media Happy Hour, Chelsea showed you:

  • The Mortgage Marketing Animals website:
  • Where to find Social Media Happy Hours replays
  • Where to find social media FAQs
  • How to use SMHH content calendars
  • Q&A and Instagram profiles

Loan Partner University – Bi-Weekly on Wednesdays
Last week, Erica covered a Q&A, Thor’s Hammer/Focus 40 Tracker, Tuesday’s Just Ask Campaign. Be sure to have your team register for the very next session on July 13th!

Homework assigned June 29th:

  • Ask your LO to forward their calls to you from 9-12 so that they can prospect, kiss babies and shake hands!
  • Also ask your LO what else you can do to take things off their plate so they can bring more business in the door. Hold your LO accountable!
  • Revisit the AOF with your LO
  • Send in questions/topics you would like to discuss on the next LPU!

Business Development Rep Training – Monthly on Wednesdays
Learn everything from the scripting, duties, and tasks, to the accountability, forms, and how to get the most out of visiting with other business development reps! Have your BDR join in on the very next discussion on July 13th!

Broker’s Brunch – Monthly on Wednesdays
Calling all Brokers… This is a class just for you!! What’s working for you and what do you need help with? Be sure to join in on the very next session on July 27th!

Thursday Class – “The Power Of A WORLD CLASS Pre-Approval Ceremony” – Thu, July 7th
This week, Coach Rayce Robinson, showed you the power of having a WORLD CLASS Pre-Approval Ceremony (and the 3 questions you need to ask EVERY client to win more business)! Here’s a little more about what was covered:

  • How to have a world class PRE-APPROVAL CEREMONY to lock in your clients commitment to work with you even AFTER they go to contract.
  • Systemizing the process to make sure you and your team are delivering every time during the approval process.
  • The magic question you can ask to make sure they will work with you all the way through.