Friday Recap July 29, 2022

Office Hours – Mon, Jul 25th
Erica focused this week’s session on the follow up, members shared wins, and discussed:

  • Setting up meeting with “Qualified Agents”
  • Presenting to a group of agents, what does that follow-up look like?
  • Keeping your calls short when booking a meeting. Getting on Qualified Agents radar! What do you lead with on the call?
  • Implementing Thor’s Hammer
  • Scripting
  • How to handle meeting no-shows and cancels
  • How to generate a qualified agent list
  • Why is sending a handwritten card after meetings very important?
  • Friday Email post-meetings. What should I write?

Brunch & Learn – Tue, Jul 26th
This week, Carl covered:

  • Getting a qualified Agent List and what area to request
  • Coffee Meeting in Zoom or in person
  • Thor’s Hammer, having a qualified list and Consistency with the DSP
  • Conversion rates for coffee meetings
  • Title companies are a great resource for referrals
  • How to best utilize a VA for Thor’s Hammer calls
  • Overcoming Call Reluctance

Homework assigned this week:

  • If I could magically put a new amazing person on my team what would they do? (hint- what 1 problem solved would answer 50 other problems?)

Rollin’ With The Dolans – Monthly on Tuesdays
Learn how to trick out your CRM with the Dolans! You can have your team sit in on this class if they’re managing your database for you! Next class is on August 16th!

Social Media Happy Hour – Wed, Jul 27th
On this week’s Social Media Happy Hour, Chelsea covered all things Instagram:

  • How to create a highlight
  • What Instagram highlights are
  • How to change your account type on Instagram
  • Reels vs. Stories
  • Social Media Q&A

Loan Partner University – Wed, Jul 27th
This week, Erica and the group covered wins, questions, road blocks, and committed to accomplish something in the DSP by the next meeting. Be sure to have your team register for the very next session on August 10th!

Homework assigned this week:

  • What is the 1 thing you are doing that is working?
  • What is 1 thing you are doing that is not working out or no longer serves you?
  • What has helped move the business the most?
  • Accomplish your 1 thing.

Business Development Rep Training – Monthly on Wednesdays
Learn everything from the scripting, duties, and tasks, to the accountability, forms, and how to get the most out of visiting with other business development reps! Have your BDR join in on the very next discussion on August 10th!

Broker’s Brunch – Wed, Jul 27th
Calling all Brokers… This is a class just for you!! What’s working for you and what do you need help with? Be sure to join in on the very next session on August 24th!

  • The importance of attending upcoming events. Bring your family! Highlight of events.
  • Bringing in non-QM.
  • Team Health Insurance. How to get good pricing? Who to choose?
  • 1099 vs. W2
  • Recruiting Insight. 3rd Party Processing vs. In-House Processing.
  • Taking average loan amounts and locations into consideration.
  • Physical Address or PO Box? What you need to consider. Compliance and SEO concerns.

Thursday Class – “How To SWET Your Systems & Processes” – Thu, Jul 28th
Tyler and Tammy were back in action for this class to elaborate what was touched on a few weeks back about “Getting Your Team to Help Make More Sales – And Happily”. Tyler shared the systems and processes that he and his team use on a daily basis to ensure they are SWET-ing it out.

Tyler covered:

  • How to get buy-in from your team on your process.
  • How to organize your unique process with your team.
  • How to build a standard operating procedure (SOP) that creates consistency and continuity in your business.
  • How to get out of your files and enable your team to take over.