Friday Recap July 22, 2022

  • Qualified agent list and resources for getting that list
  • When to take agents off of Thor’s hammer list and add to the focus 40
  • Getting a bigger bucket

Homework assigned:

  • Jot down what your top commitment this week is going to be

Brunch & Learn – Tue, Jul 19th
This week, Carl and the gang went over:

  • 4 reasons your volume could be down
  • Problems with your plan that cause low volume
  • The 4 part simple plan (PSP) that will make your phone ring
  • Tuesday update call (remembering your call to action – Can I count on you?)
  • “I choose… ________”
  • 10% of who we are is made up of 90% who we surround ourselves with

Rollin’ With The Dolans – Tue, Jul 19th
Learn how to trick out your CRM with the Dolans! You can have your team sit in on this class if they’re managing your database for you! Next class is on August 16th!

This month, Andrea covered:

  • DSP – how to setup inside Jungo

Social Media Happy Hour – Wed, Jul 20th
On this week’s Social Media Happy Hour, Chelsea covered:

  • How to schedule Reels with new Facebook/Instagram features
  • Canva Reels templates overview
  • How to set up Facebook custom audience
  • Requirements that need to be met before uploading Facebook custom audiences
  • Q&A

Loan Partner University – Bi-Weekly on Wednesdays
Last week, Erica covered an hour long Q&A session to get everyone’s questions answered about where they are at with implementing the DSP. Be sure to have your team register for the very next session on July 27th!

Homework assigned last week:

  • As questions come up throughout the week, write them down to ask Erica and/or the other LPs in the class. No need to reinvent the wheel! Let’s help each other.

Business Development Rep Training – Monthly on Wednesdays
Learn everything from the scripting, duties, and tasks, to the accountability, forms, and how to get the most out of visiting with other business development reps! Have your BDR join in on the very next discussion on August 10th!

Broker’s Brunch – Monthly on Wednesdays
Calling all Brokers… This is a class just for you!! What’s working for you and what do you need help with? Be sure to join in on the very next session on July 27th!

Thursday Class – “Setting Realtor Expectations and the Power of Referring Clients Correctly” – Thu, Jul 21st
On this Scripting with Steve session, Steve covered:

  • Coaching your referring agents on what to say when referring
  • Telling your referral agent what your process is
  • Prospects vs. Leads
  • Loyalty Uplift