Friday Recap July 15, 2022

Office Hours – Mon, Jul 11th
This week, Erica and members:

  • Shared wins
  • Coffee Meeting, 12 week Follow up and Focus 40 tracker
  • Goal of 13 conversations per week (usually takes 30 approximately 30 calls to achieve)
  • Setting expectations of your follow up and being consistent
  • Benefit of an accountability partner

Brunch & Learn – Weekly on Tuesdays
Don’t worry, you didn’t miss a beat this week! There was no class this week due to our Freedom Club event in Lake Tahoe. Be sure to register for July 19th! I’ll meet you there!

Homework assigned last week:

  • Finish the phrase: If I could _____ Would you _____?

Rollin’ With The Dolans – Monthly on Tuesdays
Learn how to trick out your CRM with the Dolans! You can have your team sit in on this class if they’re managing your database for you! Next class is on July 19th!

Social Media Happy Hour – Wed, Jul 13th
On this week’s Social Media Happy Hour, Chelsea covered:

  • Running FB Ads and options for targeting an audience while in the housing category
  • Boosting post VS creating Ads
  • Using automated schedulers to post for you (Facebook approved)
  • Sharing from business page to personal
  • How much to spend on ads and how to set a budget
  • When to run ads (frequency and time of day)
  • Live (shared screen) review of member accounts

Loan Partner University – Wed, Jul 13th
This week, Erica covered an hour long Q&A session to get everyone’s questions answered about where they are at with implementing the DSP. Be sure to have your team register for the very next session on July 27th!

Homework assigned this week:

  • As questions come up throughout the week, write them down to ask Erica and/or the other LPs in the class. No need to reinvent the wheel! Let’s help each other.

Business Development Rep Training – Wed, Jul 13th
Learn everything from the scripting, duties, and tasks, to the accountability, forms, and how to get the most out of visiting with other business development reps! Have your BDR join in on the very next discussion on August 10th!

This week, the BDR group discussed:

  • Get face time, build trust, interact with realtors, look for real-estate events to meet more agents.
  • Open House Strategy
  • Hosting a unique and limited event. “A fun night”
  • Realtor Training; Teaming up to host training events.
  • Getting more leads in today’s market, vetting your agents.
  • Taking what you learn and coach agents. What to say to agents who say “I am not that busy”, “I do not have many leads coming in”. Implementing Agent DSP with your agents.

Broker’s Brunch – Monthly on Wednesdays
Calling all Brokers… This is a class just for you!! What’s working for you and what do you need help with? Be sure to join in on the very next session on July 27th!

Thursday Class – “How To Build Referral Partner Relationships With MeetUps” – Thu, Jul 14th
On this week’s class, Michael Cardascia shared how he uses the Meetup app to:

  • Build relationships within your local community and build your business.
  • Be a goldmine for your business.
  • Host your own meetup, event tips, call to action ideas, and how to follow up after.