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Customized accountability coaching plan to keep you focused on what to do and when to do it:

  • Fast Track to fast results with a launch coach who will help you learn how to correctly and effectively implement the Daily Success Plan (DSP). This includes powerful strategies such as Thor's Hammer, Just Ask, Database Marketing, Pre-Approved, and Looking.
  • (FAN) Fast Action Ninety Day Plan to help make sure your activity is congruent with your goals. With this plan, you'll have a roadmap for success that's tailored specifically to your needs.
  • When it comes to building a team, we've got you covered. Our experts will show you who to hire and how, when to cut the cord, and how to create a new job description that keeps you doing the activities that make you money.

Access to ALL of our live classes.

  • NEW! Includes AI Inner Circle 12 Week Training - Join Chris Johnstone for a 12 week training series where he will teach you how to generate more qualified referrals faster using new innovation and technology.
  • MMA Call Stars - Most popular and effective group class for overcoming call reluctance and getting results faster!
  • Lakeside Chat with Carl - Join Carl Live every Tuesday where you can ask Carl any question that is on your mind.
  • LO Blueprint - with Steve - Listen to the masters share tips, tricks secrets and scripts that drive results.
  • Agent Animals – Elevate your follow-up by providing real value to agents
  • Loan Officer Breakfast Club - Join Frank Garay, Carl White and team for a Mon-Thurs to start you day off right! Listen to members and non-members share how applying the DSP has impacted their business and Lives!

AND... access to EXCLUSIVE Freedom Club only live classes.

  • Social Media Happy Hour - Learn how to utilize social media to take your business to next level.
  • Loan Partner University - Send your Loan Partner to LPU to Join, Sabrina Schwartz, Steve Kyle's LP and mortgage expert of 3+ years where she shares process efficiencies and teaches them how to keep you out of the file and focused on gaining new business.
  • Business Development Rep Training - Learn everything from the scripting, duties, and tasks, to the accountability, forms, and how to get the most out of visiting with other business development reps.
  • Broker’s Brunch - Calling all Brokers… This is a class just for you!! What’s working for you and what do you need help with?

24 Hour access to our online portal

  • Master Scripting - every scenario, every objection, follow-up and beyond
  • Tracking tools - Trackers that help you get organized, track your referrals and referral partners and provide you with a dashboard to your business.
  • Database marketing - including ideas for snail mail, email, phone calls and texts. What to say, how often and an when!
  • Complete Library - access video content 24/7 including past classing and training topics that help you focus on mindset and taking your business to the next level.
  • Productivity Tools - Take advantage of member's only discounts on business productivity tools like Phone Burner, Sales Boomerang, Curb Hero, Homebot, Wizehire and many more...

FREE admission to all Freedom Club and Mortgage Marketing Animals events and discounted tickets for your Loan Officers to attend MMA bootcamps.

Join our members-only Freedom Club mastermind community on Facebook where you will meet like-minded mortgage experts that are sharing how they are out performing the boom.

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Here's what our members are saying...

Jen Conley - Ohio

Brady Webb - Florida

Tammy Saul - Maryland

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Mike Wieczorek - Illinois

"Tomorrow morning I fly to Omaha to cheer for the Gators to win the college baseball world series with my 7 year old son. It's our first father-son trip.

It's also 3 days out of the office, at the end of June, before a holiday weekend, with 12 closings happening while I'm gone!!! I decided to go on Sunday with no planning. 6 short months ago this would have never happened...I didn't have the systems or team in place to even dream of this. Now I'm able to make a lifelong memory with my son with minimal anxiety and didn't hesitate to accept the tickets when offered. I can think of at least 4 other opportunities that we missed because I couldn't be out of the office.

He grabbed my hand crossing the parking lot of the hotel and told me this was the best boys trip ever....we're only 2 hours in and haven't even left the state yet! Thank you Freedom Club and all the awesome members for sharing and showing there is a better way."

Robert Fillyaw - Florida

"Best year ever on my personal production and for my company. I closed 320 units for $81MM, and company closed 985 units for $217MM. Appreciate all of you and how open everyone is with each other. Have leaned so much the last 18 months and could not have done it without the group.

Special thanks to my coach the past 18 months Kristen Whipple Watkins who I grew and leaned so much from. Shout out to her husband Ralph Watkins who brought me into the group and my new coach who I am excited to work with.

PS: When I grow up, I want to be Tammy Saul!"

David Holland - Pennsylvania

"Just got the Final CTC for my best month ever.

I have a lot to implement and your coaching has been amazing. Last week, I was on My company's President's Club, and the number 1 question I got is what changed, as my numbers keep climbing. I said I got the best Team in the Business standing behind me.... All of you. 

Thanks everyone for making this a cool place to be."

Tom Bickett - New Jersey

"Holy cow-just pulled our Sept Funded report and we closed over 12 million and our highest previous month ever was 7.6--- NMLS reporting just got fun!

Freedom Club has been incredible in helping this happen. A huge thank you to each and every one of you! Now we need to keep it going so we can make you proud!"

Toni Taylor - Florida