Business Development Rep Replays

If you’re looking for ways to grow your business, many of our members are using the business development rep model, which is a great way to clone yourself! Not only does this allow you to go out and continue to bring in the business, but you also have a little army of mini-mes going out to generate business for you as well!

Learn everything from the scripting, duties, and tasks, to the accountability, forms, and how to get the most out of visiting with other business development reps.

This class is just for Freedom Club members and their business development reps to help us all get better together!

Your Rep can access this page by going to: www.BDRReplays.com
Replay Password: cloneme2022

August 10, 2022

Click Here to Download Brady’s Scripts

  • Shared Wins! (Top of the Hour)
  • How have our events been? Content shared, finding a who? (7 Min Mark)
  • Toni Taylor recommends CE Classes (10 Min Mark)
  • Brady asks BDRs or if you are managing one, are all of you doing the DSP 100% Mon- Thurs? (15 Min Mark)
  • Toni Taylor goes over “MMA Call Stars” under the Class Registration page. (19 Min Mark)
  • Follow the scripts! Brady shares a script for qualified agents outside of your market for a Zoom call. (22 Min Mark)
  • Using the Focus 40 Tracker (34 Min Mark)
  • Brady Webb discusses the Listing Agent Strategy (43 Min Mark)
  • Paul Dolan joins in to discuss Calls Stars and BDMs. (45 Min Mark)
  • Brady Webb goes over Scripting with Steve every other Thursday and his podcast (Loan Officer Leadership). (50 Min Mark)
  • Handling rate questions and programs from agents. (53 Min Mark)
  • Join us next time as we discuss “Angie’s Broker Open” (End of the Hour)

July 13, 2022

  • Shared Wins! (Top of the Hour)
  • Brady comments on the importance of having a good plan in place and executing your plan correctly to build success.(9 Min Mark)
  • Get face time, build trust, interact with realtors, look for real-estate events to meet more agents. Host an Event. (13 Min Mark)
  • Open House Strategy, their unique take. (17Min Mark)
  • Keep Track! Such as quality conversations, notes for follow-up. Develop realtor relationships. (19Min Mark)
  • Work the plan, be consistent and persistent. Cool ways to implement your plan. (23 Min Mark)
  • Hosting a unique and limited event. “A fun night” (28 Min Mark)
  • Realtor Training Link https://craigproctor.com/
  • Teaming up to host a training event. Dividing costs, having sponsors and shared marketing. Look up other realtor coaches. (33 Min Mark)
  • Discussion from chat: I’m doing a “Building and protecting your wealth through real estate” lunch and learn at the end of the month. CPA, investor, and insurance professional are doing the “class” sponsored by us. Seems to be getting good traction so far. (41 Min Mark)
  • Getting more leads in today’s market, vetting your agents. Questions to ask agents in discussions. “Just Ask” (45 Min Mark)
  • https://covve.com/ (48 Min Mark)
  • offering to look back at old leads from agents, see who you can reach out to, get pre approved and bring the lead back to life for the agent. (49 Min Mark)
  • Taking what you learn and coach agents. This offers BIG value to agents. What to say to agents who say “I am not that busy”, “I do not have many leads coming in”. Implementing Agent DSP with your agents. See below for AMM classes referenced. (52 Min Mark)
    Your Systemized Daily Success Plan (Part 1)
    Your Systemized Daily Success Plan (Part 2)

  • Let’s Connect! (End of Hour)

June 15, 2022

Click Here to Watch Turning Realtor Relationships Into Money (12 week follow up)

Click Here to Watch The Just Ask Campaign

Click Here to Watch Yellow Sticky Note

General notes:

  • Now is a good time to meet with agents, as they more time to meet these days
  • With rates how they were, agents didn’t reach out and follow up as much- now they are. You can lead these agents and show them the process of your follow up.
  • Rachel Tarman says: As you know the market is changing, we are reaching out to agent partners to generate business WITH them (real estate agent partners) – to come up with lead generation strategies ‘Get in trenches with them’
  • Money is in the follow up
    • If you do the events – great! – but you NEED to follow up.
  • Brady Webb says: You can also develop business in reverse mortgages, you don’t have to just focus on realtors
    • If you pass by a bank, go in and talk to the Loan Officers
      • They credit qualify everyone, we can help these people who don’t qualify at the banks
      • We can take their turn downs! 
  • Toni says: you’ll only get the deal/partnership if you have a relationship with these agents
  • Tips on follow up from Tammy:
    • Consistency is key
    • Contact through every channel: text, call, email, snail mail, FB DM, etc. – see what people respond to and set up corresponding follow ups in the future
      • This builds out a system in your CRM
  • Don’t assume people know you do mortgages – let them know you’re hungry for even more business
  • Rachel Tarman gives tip: listen to real estate podcasts and offering the tips in your follow up (linked below)

Events that took place since last class:

  • Rachel: Fun event, realtor game night – “What Do You Meme? Realtor Edition” (Card game, linked)
    • 20 agents, talk about problems and solutions
  • Ken Mckee:
    • Bourbon and Rye tasting
  • Angie Richison: 
    • Zoom call Appraiser event: emailed out recording of the call for those who didn’t make it (everyone, not just RSVPs)
  • Mindy Poff:
    • Bank brought in speaker, NYT #1best seller, 30 realtors 

Planned events:

  • Rachel Tarman: Meet with the appraiser
  • Brady Webb: Ask the appraiser 
  • Julie Scarborough: New title company, event is at a Speakeasy “Meet with the appraiser”
  • Karla Hester: Summer kick off party for about 25 agents, just for these agents at “Full Spectrum Realty”, prizes every 30 mins
    • Builder event: Food truck

Real Estate podcasts mentioned in class:

May 18, 2022

Updates from the group about recent appraiser events: 

  • Toni / Wendy Wilkinson: Positive feedback about event and invites, will be doing more. Formatting of events: leaning more towards a “talk show” vs “seminar”. One thing to change: need to invite more partners, so that they invite more agents. Be insistent on the area the event is in, and think about the people that you invite (respected and well known).
  • Kourney Pomante: Had guest speakers at a recent event, great turn out, planning next event for the end of June. Hosts working events, and office events.
  • Benjamin Martin: Tried to do a non-QN talk with banks and credit unions, but didn’t have enough sign ups so switched to 1-1 meetings. Going to continue to work towards this type of event in the future to help with non-traditional ways to help them get to the closing table.
  • Brad Brondt: Taught class on YouTube. Waited to invite people about a week before. Covered: Tags, titles, video ranking, running ads, etc.
  • Miles Pitcher / Brody Price: Awesome attendance, informal, lots of learning, now following up to set up lunch appointments. 

Event future ideas: 

  • How To Hire A VA
  • Create a Google My Business Page
  • Teach topics like on Brad’s YouTube Page: The Brondt-Cook Group (Powered by Acre Mortgage)
  • Teach topics like on Frank Garay’s Podcast: Loan Officer Gizmos & Gadgets
  • Technology: Homebot, Slybroadcast, etc.
  • Zombie Leads
  • Agent Report Card
  • How To Work With Appraisers
  • Loan Programs Available
  • Use a past Agent Mastermind class
  • Partner with an investment person in your networking group (taxes, investment, insurance, attorney, etc.)
  • …More listed in the replay (around 20 minute mark)

Event purpose:

  • Have a topic/purpose when you send your invites… think about your audience and what’s going to spark them to attend (what’re their pain points?)
  • “Bulletproof your real estate business to build REAL wealth” – Paul Dolan

For anyone new to their BDR role:

  • Watch the replay above at about the 35 minute mark for a Q&A from seasoned BDRs on this class & FC Members.
  • Steve Kyles’ Podcast: Loan Officer Leadership, and search “Scripts” to pull up all episodes that contain scripting. 
  • The Business Dev Rep replays page has a TON of info as well. 

April 20, 2022

Opening Notes: 

  • Repurpose content, as Ginger Bell teaches. Document something once, and use it over and over again to stay top of mind.
  • Ask questions during events to help educate the group, and be sure to record for learning purposes. Be sure to get permission when recording at events – have an authorization built into the registration. 
  • Plan on 50% attendance, that is normal. 

Those who planned their events since the last session: 
Julie Scarborough: Scheduled. Happening today! Will update @ next BDR session. 
Sarah Biernbaum: Scheduled. Event all set, apps and drinks, realtors and partners invited.
Angie Richison: Scheduled.
Kourtney Pomante: Had two last month. 
Brody Price / Miles Pitcher: Scheduled for next week.

More Event Tips:  
Angie: Uses Canva for social content, uses Eventbrite for RSVPs, put it on all social platforms and ask partners and teams to share (start advertising at least 2 weeks out), call on new people to let them know it’s happening, push to office (email, text, call, post fliers). Don’t offer the event on Zoom (it encourages non-attendance). Reminds attendees personally, not automated, includes links in text as well. Uses app called HitEmUp (https://www.hitemupapp.com/). Have a notebook ready for them. Make sure you have a biz cards available for all vendors/door prizes. Have follow up events based on feedback: “Ask the underwriter” has been a big hit.
Tammy: Incentivize bringing a friend (example: extra raffle entry for bringing another Agent). Let them know you’re buying the food/drink (and let them know options to help them commit; do you want A or B, fish or chicken, etc. When they commit, they show up.
Toni: What’s going to get them interested – Wills/Trusts, Divorces, Accountants/Bookkeeping, CPAs and Financial Planners
Angie: Rely on your networks – teach a self defense class or how to secure your home. Will be one of her next events. 

Tips for asking for the biz, asking the “NO” questions: 
Brady: “Is there anything that would prevent you from sending me your next buyer?”
Toni: There’s no money in the maybes, it’s yes or no. Be direct.
Tammy: Same thing for buyers… “What would prevent me from being the lender on your next purchase?”
Toni: Ask questions about who someone is working with, so you can see how to counter, and how to highlight your strengths.
Brady: Always ask for the biz, always look for talent / qualified agents (who else do you know?), always look for the opportunity.
Toni: To be effective, you have to be consistent. Have everything built out, your events, your follow up. The Money Is In The Follow Up.
Tammy: You gotta have follow up and a Call To Action. You have to ASK for the business and get a commitment. Don’t assume they will work with you just because you had a great coffee appointment. Did you ask them for the business? You cannot over-thank, over-communicate or over-schmooze.

Other things mentioned for content: 

Those that didn’t commit last time to creating an event, that want to now: 
Bob Weller
Connor Gillespie (Brad Brondt BDR)
Brad Brondt – at least 1 monthly webinar to Agents, starting in May

March 23, 2022

Click Here to Download Paul Dolan’s “Ask The Appraiser” Tip Sheet

Click Here to Download Agent Report Card Sample

Rachel Tarman’s BDR Bootcamp link: www.TrainMyBDR.com

Appraiser Events / Lunch & Learn For Realtors tips & tricks for planning: 
(“Ask The Appraiser” tip sheet above from Paul Dolan’s team)

  • Getting butts in seats is always a numbers game, plan it like you would a birthday party — you don’t call invitees and check to make sure the date and time works for each of them, whoever shows, shows. 
  • Have a form set up, so that they have to put their information in somewhere. This does two things: makes them feel a little more obligated to show since they’re taking up a spot by filling out a form, and then you have a way to follow up with them before and after the event. 
  • ASK FOR FEEDBACK/REVIEWS to help you plan the next event. 
  • Door prizes & sponsors: Ask companies for donated gifts… could be a bottle of wine, gift baskets/certificates, see if a house/pool cleaning company can provide gift certificates, home inspectors and title companies can sponsor as well, food trucks, etc.
  • Send evites/tickets… Evite, EventBrite, etc. 
  • Ask your current appraisers for other appraisers that might want to do biz and help with the event.
  • Event tips given by all either in the Zoom chat, or verbally: 
    • Rachel Tarman: Newer restaurants are happy to host groups because they want the exposure. The Business Journal usually will post new restaurants in your area.
    • Aileen Garcia: Check out total wine in your area. to get the room it’s free. They also give them wine tasting at the end. (Brady added that Breweries do this as well to get their brand out there)
    • Stefani Burris: Between title, home warranty, insurance, inspection, etc…there is no reason we should have to pay except very minimal. Make those relationships with those reps. They are all dying to get in front of agents just like we are!
    • Tammy: Think outside of the box with planning these events!
    • Toni: Help fill the room for a broker open! Axe throwing
    • Angie Richison: Fill a Library! Free, tons of parking, do it later in the day so a full lunch isn’t expected. Don’t overthink it.  
    • Rachel Tarman: Use the Chamber of Commerce to your advantage. 
    • Rachel Tarman: I make agents go around and share their new listings at my meetings. The weirdest thing in real estate is another one they love. They all try to outdo each other.
    • Harry Geozian: Planning to coordinate a blood drive with the local Children’s Hospital. Plan is to have agents invite their clients. We help them build local goodwill and we do the same with the agents.
    • Jennifer Meinecke: Hosting an event at TopGolf, will be planning my third event at a local Art Center.
  • Plan out your events for the rest of the year, every 6 weeks. As soon as you’re done with one event, you should be planning the next event.  Rinse and repeat. 
  • Email sends for your event should be at least once per week (give them a sense of scarcity that the event is almost full)
  • Events can also be done on Facebook as a live event. 

Open House Sign-In Apps: (Curb Hero & Block Party apps)

You can mention that sign-in is required by the seller for either covid or security purposes (whichever preferred), so that you at least walk away with something from the open house. 

Today’s attendees that have agreed to plan events between now and the next session:

  1. Sarah Biernbaum
  2. Christi Julian
  3. Stefani Burris
  4. Kim Doberman
  5. Rachel Tarman
  6. Wendy Wilkinson
  7. AnneMarie (Chris Carr BDR)
  8. Nick Abrego
  9. Julie Scarborough
  10. Tony Salas
  11. Ryne Jakubos
  12. Q Erharf
  13. Kirk Rygol
  14. Laura Posteraro
  15. Marni (Christian Penner BDR)
  16. Thalia Garipoli
  17. Jennifer Meinecke
  18. Megan Roberts
  19. Kourtney Pomante
  20. Harry Geozian

February 23, 2022

Click Here to Download The Realtor Referral Script

Click Here to Download The Benefits of a True Mortgage Partner List

Be Consistent & Share Your Wins!

  • The system works: show up and make the calls. 
  • Be very intentional about the ask… They need to be told that you want their business, you need to be direct. 
  • It’s rinse and repeat, and if you say you’re going to do something, you better follow through. 
  • If they already have a lender, or have reservations, ask them what it will take to get the audition this week.
  • Momentum takes a while, it’s a heavy boulder, but you have to keep at it and be consistent… Once it gets going, it’s unstoppable.
  • Build your Focus 40 list if you have not already.
  • Keep your activities high, so that your chances of following up with them at a time that they’re going to need you are high. It will be hard work, but you have to get out there and be consistent.
  • WINS:
    • Example: Rachel Tarman went to 16 open houses last week. Out of the 50+ in attendance on this call, she was the only one that did that.
    • Example: Angie Richison put together the top 20 reasons why she wants to be a business partner with someone she had a meeting with, and was upfront at the start of the meeting about why she was there — to do business with them. Not one loan was talked about during her meeting. After the meeting was done, the group she was meeting with asked for a copy of everything she talked about. Top 5 things of the list of 20: email at 70% open rate/following up on agent behalf, aim for 30 day closing but willing to pull the ripcord and have a conversation if an issue comes up, following up with leads, gaining 6 hours of your time back since you won’t be chasing us down for the loan status, agent mastermind classes or other training resources.
    • Example: Benjamin Martin is a brand new BDR that is going to be hosting an event, and already has 18 people registered. He asked the group: “how to convert those people after the event”? Rachel recommends: Try to get a meeting with all 18 of them, as coffee appts, and ask each of them “how can we help send business your way?”, and then you can go into the Just Ask script.

CRM: Homebot

Group texts: Don’t wait for the agent to start one, start a group text first to make sure everyone that needs to be in the loop is in the loop right away.

Hosting Happy Hours: Always have a door prize and biz card included. Angie’s rule is that the door prizes need to be valued around $100 each (she did this and anticipated 30-50 agents showing up, and not one said no). 

If you don’t have a business card, you can send them your contact info virtually through text/email, or use “Dot Card” https://dotcards.net/

January 26, 2022

Click Here to Open Folder of Documents Discussed

In-Person Meetings & Pop-Bys:

  • Don’t hire one BDR for the entire country. Use local peeps to cover one local area at a time, and then build out. How do you eat an elephant? (Answer… one bite at a time).
  • Be intentional with each person, tell your story – share the advantages, technology, what you’re looking for, etc. (BDR Julie gives her script around the 12 min. mark)

How to handle Agents that “go dark” on you: 

  • If you’re following up, and they’re just not having it, they might not be a good fit. 
  • You show that you’re reliable after 12-15 weeks of follow up. If you still can’t get them, throw them into your drip campaign and see what happens. A lot of times, it’s timing or the business getting in their way.
  • Wow the heck out of them with your follow up.
  • Have a call to action (CTA) right at the meeting: “Oh my goodness, it is easy to see why I’ve heard such awesome things about you! I know that my LO/team would love to work with you every once in a while… What would we need to do to make that happen?” (Take it in “baby steps”) If they say they already have an LO that they work with… offer to “audition” for the role.
  • Make sure you are doing the DSP / Thor’s Hammer for your follow up: https://mortgagemarketinganimals.com/course/thors-hammer/ (IT WORKS.)

How to find Open Houses: 

Handling Your Day: 

  • Rachel Tarman covered how to appointment stack / handle your day as a BDR around the 44 min. mark.

Tammy recommends this book to help you get ahead of someone “No Showing” on you:

  • “Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion” by Robert Cialdini https://www.amazon.com/Influence-Psychology-Persuasion-Robert-Cialdini/dp/006124189X
  • Ask them to let you know if they need to cancel, so that you can also rearrange your schedule — get them to commit to either letting you know well ahead of time, or to showing up.
  • Paul Dolan’s tip: I have their name written on an empty cup sleeve (change out the sleeve as many times as you need to), then text that to them with “hey, waiting for you here”… If they don’t show up, they will feel SOOOO guilty that they will definitely show up next time!

December 1, 2021

Convo about #1 Struggles at the moment:
What would you like to get done even if it’s not possible in the next month?

  • Getting more face to face meetings. People not showing up for Zoom.
    Make more calls, some weeks will vary. Be prepared for a 60% show rate. Ask for a commitment, and a 24 hour notice to reschedule. Call the day before to remind them, and text as you’re leaving to let them know you’re on your way. Try appointment stacking so that all of your appointments are in the same location in case someone no shows. Also ask what kind of coffee you can grab them ahead of time.

    Create excitement around the meeting — let them know you’re excited to meet them, and how highly everyone speaks of them. Tell them you want to hear their story. If they say they’re too busy to meet, ask them if you can follow up with them on a specific date, and then FOLLOW UP on that date — this is especially important when the excuse from them is that they’re on vacation or are busy during the holidays.

    “Mr. Shmooze” book referenced: 

    Consistency is key, SHOW them you are reliable in your follow up.

    Let people know that you’re looking for a partnership, even if they work for bigger companies like Keller Williams, you can still make them feel like you’ll have their back. Educate yourself in their profession so that you can offer real solutions to what their needs might be.

    Resources mentioned in Zoom Chat: 
     & Real Estate Rockstars Podcast & the book: Ninja Selling are tools for understanding the Agent’s world. This upcoming event might help with more ideas of how to help your referral partners: National Association of Realtor’s Conference in Orlando Nov. 2022

    Other books referenced: 7 Levels of Communication, Millionaire Real Estate Agent, Sell it Like Serhant, Big Money Energy
  • Is anyone targeting the Agents on recently closed loans?  Like the Listing Agents?  How are you going after them? How is it working out for you? Do you hire this out? 

    Go back through your deals and pull out the listing agents and use the Sticky Note Script.

    Yellow Sticky Note class referenced: 

    One BDR on the class said she hosts a Happy Hour with new agents and current partners, so that the current partners help sell newer agents for them. Various tips and strategies shared.

    If you are the LO doing this part yourself, find out what you are good at, and hire what is not on that list. That list will be the job description for the BDR you hire.
  • How do you measure success for this?
    It’s going to boil down to closed loans. Put a plan together and continue to check in with your team – this gives you an opportunity to check in on the pipeline, get a feel for if anyone needs help, or if adjustments need to be made to the process, etc. 
  • Who closes for the coffee appointment? 
    Let the BDR have that ownership, especially if you are the LO trying to step back from that role.
    Another way to look at it: If you are the only one that can do it… what is your limit? If someone else is hired to do it… what is their limit? 
  • The Focus 50: 
    BDR follows up with a list of 50, and when someone falls off, they get replaced, so that there are always 50 people on the follow up list. This follow up can be anything – create a facebook group, call them, text them, etc.

    Make the time for this follow up NON-NEGOTIABLE. Put it on your calendar, close your door, and put your Do Not Disturb on. Put away your Apple watches or anything else that will distract you. Let your team know you’re unavailable for X amount of time, and when you’ll be available again for any messages/missed calls. This will help prepare them and train them that this is your time for calls.
  • Structuring the hand off from biz devs to the team to do the loan.
    If someone has a deal for the LO, the BDR can place that into the CRM. If there is a portal link, BDR can also get the application started. If someone calls into the office, the LP can do this part. Whoever takes the call can ultimately input the info needed. 

November 3, 2021

Biz Dev Reps on this call:

1. Alana Hopkins
2. Anira Zayed
3. Harrison Brown
4. Angie Richison
5. Ryan Pope
6. Rachel Tarman
7. Sarah Biernbaum
8. Stephanie Skaggs
9. Jake Ryan
10. Esham Ahmed
11. Karey Tylman
12. Monica Shealey
13. Trisha on Jeff Garber’s team
14. Jodi Irwin Miller
15. Wendy on Toni Taylor’s team
16. Julie Scarborough

Here is what we discussed on this call:

BD Reps shared various wins from the last few weeks.

How to find prospects:
Pop-bys/Open Houses, Chamber of Commerce, Women’s Association of Realtors, Title Companies, Insurance agents, Financial Advisors, other networking groups. Anyone you know can do a warm intro for you to agents they already know.

You have to be interested, not interesting. Listening is key.

For pop-bys, introduce yourself right away. Don’t trick the agents, you don’t want them thinking that you are a potential sale. It’s about building trust! You can say something like: “Hey I know you’re really busy… but I wanted to drop off some goodies and essentials for you, since I know you’re talking to people all day… is it okay if I call you on Monday?”

Pop-by ideas list:

Tammy’s 2021 Vision Class:

Agent Mastermind Past Classes:

Keep records to speak THEIR language.

From Paul Dolan, 60 Ways To Bring Value To Your Agents:

Strategy for getting no-shows to reschedule:
Paul also recommends to carry a sharpe, write name on the cup of coffee, take a pic and send it to them (grab an extra sleeve, you don’t have to actually buy a cup of coffee if they don’t show)… say something like: “Awww, I have a cup of coffee here for ya!” (guilt goes a long way here).

Tammy recommends these books:
“Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion”

“Yes!: 50 Scientifically Proven Ways to Be Persuasive”

Strategy for cutting down on your no-show rate when scheduling… preface with “If you have to cancel, can I count on you to give me a 24 hour notice so that I can rearrange my schedule?” AKA: “Can I count on you to be a nice person”

When do you follow up? If you are an LO who is looking to remove yourself from the process… Every deal that comes through, your BDR should start engaging immediately. Have them set the expectation from the very start.

Here is how Rachel Tarman starts out her follow up:
“I work with them to fill out an about me- favorite coffee drink, address, etc. You can have your assistant call and just say hey, we’re updating our records. Will you please send us your birthday, etc?”

October 6, 2021

Click Here to Download Tammy’s 12-Week Follow Up

Here is what was discussed on this training session:

  • Resources
  • Building Your Team
  • Relationship Building/ FROG – Family, Recreation, Occupation, Goals
  • Upcoming follow up ideas – Prepping for 2022, goal setting, accountability
  • Here’s the Miles Pitcher class that Tammy mentioned throughout the call: Turning Realtor Relationships Into Money
  • Salaries VS Commission
  • Validation of team

September 20, 2021

Intro to Business Development Rep Training